FF15 海外サイトでFINAL FANTASY XVのトロフィーの一部が判明!プラチナ含め51個らしい





The World Wanderer – Collected all trophies
Learner’s Permit – Drove the Regalia
Chocobo Jockey – Rode a Chocobo
Quadruple Threat – Equipped four weapon slots
New Power – Learned first ability
Self-Improved – Activated 20 ability nodes
Self-Mastered – Activated 50 ability nodes
Angling Rookie – Improved fishing level for the first time
Survival Rookie – Improved survival level for the first time
Photo Rookie – Improved photography level for the first time
Cooking Rookie – Improved cooking level for the first time
Angling Expert – Reached maximum fishing level
Survival Expert – Reached maximum survival level
Photo Expert – Reached maximum photography level
Cooking Expert – Reached maximum cooking level
Just Hangin’ Around – Performed first point-warp suspension
Brother-in-Arms – Issued first ally command
Blind Spot – Performed first blindside-link
Noct You Like a Hurricane – Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack
The Power of Kings – Called forth the Armiger for the first time
Magical Worker – Crafted a spell for the first time
Black Mage – Used magic for the first time
Divine Intervention – Summoned one of the Six for the first time
High Five for Justice! – Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time
Spinning a Yarn I – Completed first sidequest
Spinning a Yarn II – Completed 5 sidequests
Spinning a Yarn III – Completed 10 sidequest
Sinning a Yarn IV – Completed 20 sidequests
Spinning a Yarn V – Completed 40 sidequests
Weaving a Tapestry – Completed 80 sidequests
My First Hunt – Completed first hunt


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